Boys Only Dance Workshops

Exciting announcement!! 📢

Our newest recruit, Cameron is offering dance workshops for school-aged boys!!

These workshops provide an excellent opportunity to bring male dancers together to explore new and exciting movement. The direction of the workshops is largely driven by the the level and interest of participants. Cameron is trained in all facets of dance from Classical Ballet to Urban Hip Hop so there really is something for everyone!

By nature, dance classes continue to be a female-dominated extra curricular activity but the benefits of dance for boys should not be overlooked.

There’s simply no better way to allow kids to express and regulate emotion (without needing words) while also providing a mental and physical challenge. Plus, if you’ve ever been in a dance studio filled with boys, you’ll agree that there’s something magical about that energy!!

Not designed to separate or replace regular classes but an awesome additional opportunity for male dancers.

Bonus: new friends are welcome for a limited period of time (meaning you do not need to be enrolled in a DH class to participate). If your son has a friend who may be interested in trying dance, we encourage you to bring them along!

Wednesday 6 November, 5.00-6.00pm

Price for existing students Price for new friends
$18.00 $25.00


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