Dance Habit has Talent!

Come and support our dancers at their 2021 Choreography Competition!

This is one of our favourite events of the year because we get to see students of all ages develop and share their own work. This friendly in-house competition is about providing a platform for creativity, not about rewarding the most talented dancer. It’s a space for the quiet achievers to be seen. Entering takes courage, so we congratulate all students who take part and can’t wait for the event!

The winners of each section will be invited to perform at our Preschool Concert on Sunday 22 August at the Altona Civic Theatre.


Information Sessions: 18 & 25 June

Workshops with Teachers: 16 & 30 July

Competition: Sunday 1 August

Winners Performance at Preschool Concert: Sunday 22 August


About the Comp:

All entry monies and admission donations go toward the running of the competition and the purchasing of ribbons and trophies for our competitors. Students enter the competition as the choreographer for their dance. They can choose to choreograph on themselves or friends to create a solo, duo, trio or group entry.

Those who enter the competition may choreograph dances as solos, duos, trios or groups in any of the following genres:

A ballet dance without story or props, to a piece of classical music. Senior students attending Pointe classes may opt to dance en Pointe.

A classical ballet dance that tells a story through movement plus mime or acting.

Jazz technique to a variety of music from old to new incorporating isolations, turns, kicks, jumps and floor work. Includes ‘broadway’ or ‘musical theatre’ jazz.  Acro not permitted and dance only (no singing).

Hip Hop
Incorporates all styles of Hip Hop dance, including Break Dance. Acro permitted.

A bare foot dance exploring abstract and individual movement patterns. Seek to find freedom and release through movement – use of gravity and breath are important.

A style of dance distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor using tap shoes

Entry fees (payable by the Choreographer)
Solos: $15.00 each per entry
Duos, Trios & Groups: $20.00 per group

Tickets:      $10 per person
(competitors and children under 3 years free