Preschool & Middle School Terms & Conditions

**Please note that our Terms and Conditions are currently under review for 2020 and will be available in January**


  • We do not offer casual attendance. Enrolments are term-based and roll over between school terms until the end of the calendar year, unless you notify us otherwise.
  • Changes or cancellations to enrolments will only be accepted in writing. Cancellations after a term has commenced still incur full term fees, including those opting to pay fortnightly via direct debit.
  • Make up lessons can be booked for any missed classes within the same term, subject to appropriate class selection and availability. Make up lessons must be booked prior via the office and a maximum of one week in advance. Any missed make up lessons are forfeited unless 24 hours written notice is provided.
  • To ensure all dancers are appropriately challenged, students are placed in classes based on ability with consideration also given to age and social development. Children may only join our Middle School in the year they commence school (Prep). All decisions are final.
  • Unlimited package enrolments remain subject to individual class availability.
  • Pointe classes are by invitation only and students must pass a Pointe Assessment by a qualified health professional. Private lessons for an individual conditioning program are required and dancers must be enrolled in a minimum of two technical classes in addition to Pointe. Dance Habit reserves the right to remove any dancer from Pointe at any time due to safety concerns.


  • Fees are charged on a per term (quarterly) basis as per the Victorian School Calendar.
  • An annual insurance and administration fee of $25 applies per student. This is payable with Term 1 fees or at the time of enrolment and resets each calendar year.
  • Term invoices are issued by email, so be sure to supply your correct email address and contact the office if you do not receive an invoice when expected.
  • Term fees must be paid in full as follows, unless a direct debit arrangement is set up or a payment extension request is submitted in writing before the due date:
    • Term 1: by the student’s first class of Term 1
    • Term 2: by the student’s last class of Term 1
    • Term 3: by the student’s last class of Term 2
    • Term 4: by the student’s last class of Term 3.
  • Late fees of $5 per week apply for any fees that remain outstanding after their due date.
  • Any enrolment in a full class may be cancelled without notice for unpaid fees.
  • Fees can be paid by eftpos, credit card, bank transfer or direct debit. We do not accept cash payments.
  • Direct debit is only available via IntegraPay. Any direct debit not activated within seven days of receiving the application will incur late fees of $5 per week and risk enrolment cancellation.
  • Dance Habit reserves the right to refuse entry to students with outstanding fees and personal details may be provided to a debt collector to recoup any monies outstanding.
  • Fees are strictly non-refundable and discounted fees are not provided for public holidays, extended holidays or missed classes. Make up lessons are subject to availability. Students enrolling in Monday classes are asked to give this careful consideration due to the high number of public holidays that fall on a Monday.
  • Students may request a credit for any injury or illness resulting in four or more consecutive weeks of missed classes. Requests must be in writing with a medical certificate provided.
  • Multiple class discounts apply to individual students. No sibling discounts apply.


  • Students participate at their own risk. Dance Habit accepts no liability for any injury that may be incurred while participating in dance classes or attending Dance Habit premises.
  • Teachers reserve the right to restrict student participation for safety purposes if deemed necessary due to injury or illness.
  • Dance Habit reserves the right to arrange medical transportation, at the student’s expense, in the event of an emergency.
  • Children are not to exit the studio unless accompanied by an adult. Parents must ensure children understand this important regulation.
  • While not participating in dance classes, children and siblings remain the responsibility of parents/caregivers at all times.
  • Parking is available, however, may be limited during peak hours. Parents of school-age children are welcome to drop off and pick up but must ensure students are collected within ten minutes of their class ending.

Class and studio etiquette

  • All students, parents, guardians and extended family members must adhere to the Dance Habit Code of Conduct available on our website and on the wall at the studio.
  • Parents and students must demonstrate respect for teachers, staff and peers at all times.
  • Parents and students are strictly not permitted in staff only areas.
  • Please respect our shared space by placing rubbish in bins and leaving the kitchen, bathroom and waiting areas tidy for the next class. Please ensure siblings are closely supervised and that toys and colouring in activities are put away before leaving the studio.
  • While every effort will be made to ensure a regular timetable and consistent teachers, occasionally classes may need to be cancelled, rescheduled or taught by a substitute.
  • With the exception of Move with Me, classes at Dance Habit are closed (only the teacher and students may be in the studio during classes). Parents/guardians are welcome to view classes from the viewing windows or closed-circuit TV.
  • Only water is allowed inside the studios. Food and other drink is only permitted in the foyer area. Chewing gum is strictly prohibited in all areas.
  • Dance Habit accepts no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal property of any kind. Please utilise the locker shelving provided and bring any valuables with you into the studio.

Video and photography

  • Dance Habit reserves the right to photograph or video students participating in dance classes or performances at any time for promotional purposes. Permission must be sought for any other photography/video.
  • Any footage supplied to students (e.g. to assist with practice at home) remains the property of Dance Habit and is not to be shared with external parties without prior consent.


  • All choreography and class work taught to students (including for performance events or competitions) remains the property of Dance Habit and is not to be used or performed externally without prior consent.

Any breach of the above Terms and Conditions may result in immediate cancellation of enrolment without discussion.