Preschool Classes

Dance classes are a fantastic way for children of all ages to develop confidence, self-awareness and coordination while making friends and learning new skills in a fun and nurturing environment. At Dance Habit, we understand the developmental needs vary for each student, and we run our classes accordingly.

Students are encouraged to wear anything that helps them to love the way they move. No need for expensive uniforms or shoes. While ballet or jazz shoes are welcome, dancing bare foot is also fine!

“Taking our 3 year old daughter to Dance Habit was a great decision. Alexandra was a little on the shy side at child care. Now, however, the teachers have said she has really come out of her shell, even leading her classmates in dance!  I cant recommend Dance Habit highly enough for the dance skills, social skills and confidence our daughter now displays.” Mark Egan

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Key Points:

  • If you are unwell, you must NOT attend the studio. This applies to all staff, students, parents, siblings and visitors. Note that students have the option to log in to class from home via Zoom.
  • Our waiting room is closed to all parents except Move with Me and Preschool students plus parents of students attending a trial class.
  • All students, parents and visitors over 12 years of age must wear a mask unless you have a medical exemption. Should this be the case, please kindly let our COVID Marshall know upon arrival. Dancers may remove masks during strenuous exercise or when out of breath.
  • Teachers are not required to wear masks when providing instruction to children as it can interfere with their ability to clearly communicate with students. They are, however, required to wear masks before and after classes and when moving around the building as well as for all adult classes (unless out of breath).
  • Please ensure physical distancing (1.5 metres) from others at all times.
  • Practice good hygiene by washing your hands upon arrival and after class with sanitiser or soap and water.
  • Follow instructions from staff when moving around the building.
  • Parents and visitors (i.e. those not enrolled as a student) must sign in if entering the building. A QR Code is provided on the door (preferable). A hard copy register is at reception if needed.
  • All students and staff should avoid interactions in close spaces and avoid congregating in large groups.
  • We reserve the right to revert any or all classes to online delivery at any time in the event of staff illness, changing requirements by authorities, a case/suspected case of COVID-19 or for any other reason determined necessary by us. Note that our online timetable may differ to our in-person timetable during forced lockdowns. No refunds, discounts or make up lessons are permitted in the event of classes reverting to Zoom, however, should a class be cancelled, students will be eligible for their choice of a make-up lesson or credit, upon request by email.

We appreciate your patience as we all work hard to follow the rules, keep our people safe and manage the expectations of many different people. Thank you in advance!

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