Preschool Classes

Dance classes are a fantastic way for children of all ages to develop confidence, self-awareness and coordination while making friends and learning new skills in a fun and nurturing environment. At Dance Habit, we understand the developmental needs vary for each student, and we run our classes accordingly.

Students are encouraged to wear anything that helps them to love the way they move. No need for expensive uniforms or shoes. While ballet or jazz shoes are welcome, dancing bare foot is also fine!

“Taking our 3 year old daughter to Dance Habit was a great decision. Alexandra was a little on the shy side at child care. Now, however, the teachers have said she has really come out of her shell, even leading her classmates in dance!  I cant recommend Dance Habit highly enough for the dance skills, social skills and confidence our daughter now displays.” Mark Egan

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We appreciate your patience as we all work hard to follow the rules, keep our people safe and manage the expectations of many different people. Thank you in advance!

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