Preschool Concert 2022


The last few years have been some of the toughest we have ever endured. Students have shown such incredible resilience through countless lockdowns, and we are beyond proud of them all. This includes those who have just started dance with us this year – it has taken courage after so many months isolating at home and missing out on group activities.

Dance has played such an important role in keeping our community moving and connected, and we think that is something to celebrate. There’s no better way to do this than to hit the stage!

The intention of this event is to create JOY, build CONFIDENCE and capture MEMORIES. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that these moments are what matters, and we know that the excitement and magic generated by our annual concert is second to none! We hope you will join us for this exciting event.

Below are the details of our Preschool Concert as well as the date and timetable. Please read thoroughly and let us know if you have any questions at all.

* Note: Move with Me students do not participate in our end-of-year concerts.

Our Preschool Concert is held separate to the rest of the school and further, we will split all our Preschoolers into three separate “mini” concerts.


  • We have lots of Preschoolers (not surprising given our expert Preschool team that you’ve all grown to love)!
  • A separate show means the Dance Habit team can focus entirely on our youngest students during their concert experience.
  • We are committed to ensuring our end-of-year concert is stress-free and enjoyable for all families.
  • We appreciate that a shorter event is more practical for our Preschool families, many of which also have younger siblings.


For first-time dance parents, we promise the preparation is worth it. We’ll be there every step of the way, so you know exactly what’s required (and when).


Once you have read all the information provided on this page, please complete a Registration Form HERE. We need a completed form from all enrolled students, including those who are choosing to opt out.


Sunday 21 August 2022

Preschoolers only dance in one concert. Please note that dancers are required early as we hold a small rehearsal on stage prior to each concert. This rehearsal is super important as it allows the children to familiarise themselves with the theatre and have a practice on the stage. Parents are not permitted to watch the dress rehearsal (unless volunteering as a backstage guardian) so you will have 30 minutes or so to go and get a coffee/take a walk. Most studios hold rehearsal on a separate day, but we like to make it nice and easy for you! We want to ensure all dancers feel confident on the day and it is important that no one feels rushed, so please be on time. Note that students who do not attend rehearsal may not be permitted to dance in the concert.

CONCERT #1 (Dancers required at 9.00am for rehearsal, concert starts 9.30am)

  • Fairies & Princes (Monday class)
  • Intro to Dance (Monday class)
  • Fairies & Princes (Sunday class)
  • Intro to Dance (Sunday class)
  • Intro to Dance (Tuesday class)

CONCERT #2 (Dancers required at 11.00am for rehearsal, concert starts 11.30am)

  • Intro to Dance (Thursday class)
  • Fairies & Princes (Saturday 10.40am class)
  • Fairies & Princes (Friday class)
  • Hip Hop/Acro 3-5 years (Thursday & Friday classes combined)

CONCERT #3 (Dancers required at 1.00pm for rehearsal, concert starts at 1.30pm)

  • Fairies & Princes (Saturday 9.20am class)
  • Intro to Dance (Saturday class)
  • Hip Hop/Acro 3-4 years (Saturday class)
  • Intro to Dance (Friday class)


Our Preschool Concert will be held at the Altona Theatre, which is located at 115 Civic Parade, Altona. The theatre has a carpark. Please leave prams in the car – there is minimal room in the foyer, and they cannot be taken into the theatre. Babies (under 12 months) can sit on a carers lap and do not need a ticket.


An on-stage concert comes with significant overheads including venue, technical fees and charges, staffing, licensing, costumes and videography, however, we are committed to keeping the event as affordable as possible. In fact, we have chosen to absorb the cost increases since our last concert (in 2019) and keep your costs the same, because we think it’s really important that families have the option to participate in this event. Here is the breakdown:

Compulsory costs

  • $50.00 – Concert costume per class enrolment
    Students get to keep their costume after the event 
  • $20.00 – Professional Videography
    Digital download via password protected link
  • $10.00 – Ballet tights
    Not applicable for Hip Hop/Acro classes 

Optional costs

Tickets to watch the concert will be $20 for adults, $15 for concession and $12 for children. Tickets are not required for parent volunteers, performers or babies under 12 months, who may sit on a carers lap.

We will also have a professional photographer on site to capture individual and group photos of every child. You can view and purchase these pictures after the event if you want to (not compulsory).


We think it’s important to empower our students by giving them a choice in what they wear. So, this year, we are offering two costume options – A & B. Simply chat to your dancer and ask them to decide which costume they would like to wear on stage. Two examples are below. OPTION A (left) and OPTION B (right). Please note that students will not be given a colour choice as classes will be allocated a colour by teachers.

Option B includes a lycra short and both options include ballet tights, which will be provided to ensure a colour match for all dancers.

Importantly, note that all Fairies & Princes and Intro to Dance students are required to wear ballet shoes for health and safety reasons. If you do not yet have shoes, try our second-hand tub or purchase from Energetiks or Dancewear Nation. Hip Hop students are required to wear black runners/sneakers. Parents must provide shoes.


Here’s a quick checklist of things to bring on the day:

  • All students should come dressed in costume.
  • Fairies & Intro students can put ballet shoes on in the foyer on arrival.
  • All students to arrive with hair and makeup, if opting in for makeup, done (see more on this below).
  • Backpack with child’s name visible on the outside.
  • Water bottle with child’s name (leak-proof).
  • Mess-free snacks (NO NUTS) e.g. sandwiches, popcorn, apple slices, crackers.
  • Makeup for backstage guardians to top up, if you are opting in for makeup (see more on this below).
  • Zip or button up jumper to wear over costumes while eating.


Please consider volunteering to assist us backstage. The concert is not possible without parent volunteers. We require a minimum of two adults per class to chaperone the children backstage. Volunteers must have a current Working With Children Check (WWCC) and are required 15 minutes earlier than student arrival time, and for the full duration of their child’s concert.

Parent volunteers are able to share in the excitement with their child backstage – and you can watch from the side of the stage too! You will not require a ticket for the audience if you are volunteering backstage. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer.


Fairies and Princes and Intro to Dance students – Ballet Bun
Hip Hop/Acro – High Slick Ponytail


Makeup is optional and absolutely not compulsory. We understand that some families will be averse to the use of stage makeup, so know that it is your decision and we will respect and support your choices.

If you are new to dance and theatre, makeup on a child can certainly be an odd concept and it is completely understandable to have reservations. Perhaps you are wondering what is the point?

We like to tell our dancers that the use of stage makeup is not to change how we look (we are perfect already as we are), but rather to enhance our features so they can be seen from the audience, and on the video, under harsh stage lighting. As students participate in more concerts, makeup then becomes something they associate with being on stage – something unique we do just on special concert days.

For those open to wearing makeup, we have prepared a video tutorial for you and also some product and colour recommendations. You can opt to do all or some of the video tutorial and we ask that you do makeup at home before arriving. If you want backstage guardians to top up light lipstick before the concert, please ensure you pack your own products in a sealed and named snap lock bag.

Again, remember makeup is optional. Any parents strictly against makeup must make this clear to their backstage guardian on drop off.

Preschool Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Product and Colour recommendations


Our concert is provided to all participating families as a digital download after the event. You will receive access to all three concerts via a password-protected link. You can stream or download as many times as you wish. Digital download is a better quality product at a cheaper price and will enable you to view the footage from your computer, phone or tablet without restriction. You will no longer be restricted to the location of your DVD player or run the risk of damaging the disc. Physical DVDs will still be available to purchase for those who want one in addition.


I’d like to join, but I’m not sure if my child will participate on the day, what do you recommend?

We have a strict ‘no push’ policy, which means students who are hesitant on the day are encouraged to watch from backstage in the care of one of our team. We will never push a child to go on stage if they are feeling anxious. It is important to remember that the concert experience is not just about those few minutes on stage. As a parent, it is easy to get caught up in this and of course we understand it can be disappointing if your child doesn’t make it on stage, but we encourage you to see it from your child’s perspective. Students gain so much from being part of the concert experience – the hype in the lead up, getting dressed up in a costume, seeing the theatre and backstage areas (likely for the first time ever) and feeling the excitement and joy during the event itself. Our relaxed and student-led approach means it is rare that children don’t make it on stage, but we still ensure a positive experience regardless – and they come back more confident and 100% ready the following year! It’s important to focus on the long-term goals, not specifically the one day.

What happens in the event of a snap lockdown or further restrictions due to COVID?

If the event is cancelled or cannot go ahead as planned, all families will be refunded all fees with the exception of the costume expense. Students will still get to keep their costumes.

What if my child or someone in my house contracts COVID-19?

If your child (or a household contact of your child) contracts COVID-19 within seven days of the concert, they will be unable to participate. While household contacts no longer need to isolate, the recommendation is for masks indoors and we cannot request this of a preschool child. Should this occur, you will be refunded in full (less the costume fee). Note that we will require evidence of your positive test result, once you have reported it through

What if my child is sick on the day (with something other than COVID-19) and unable to attend?

  • A credit of $20 will be added to your account as a reimbursement of the professional videography fee.
  • A 50% refund will be provided for any tickets purchased that are not used as a result of your child not attending the event. If we can re-sell the seats, a full refund will be honoured.

Please note that the above conditions apply only to a performer being unwell and do not extend to family members or ticket-holders. To receive the credit and refund, you must supply a doctors certificate with your child’s name and the concert date of 21 August 2022 referenced.


Please contact us by email if anything is unclear.  Your feedback is welcome and your cooperation and patience is sincerely appreciated.

Happy concert season everyone – enjoy the magic!!


“I’d like to take the opportunity to let you know just how much my daughter loved everything about the concert, she was one delighted little girl! And as a parent experiencing it for the first time, it was just wonderful. I actually said to my husband on the way home from the concert that it had probably been one of the only times I’ve ever walked away from something feeling like I’ve been communicated to perfectly and that you and the team had genuinely considered every angle of the experience for families – you provided the perfect amount of information and in the right format without it being overwhelming for us. You helped us to help you. And the planning and execution of logistics on the day… holy moly, you are all clearly exceptional humans! We fully appreciate that we stumbled onto something special when we joined the dance school at the end of our street.” Kate Randles