Senior School Concert 2019

Read this page for information on our Senior (Grade 3 to Year 12) concert on Sunday 24 November 2019.

Our annual end-of-year concert is a great way to showcase the talent we have at Dance Habit. It also rewards students for their hard work by giving them the opportunity to dance on stage for their loved ones. The concert is not compulsory, but we strongly encourage participation as it is a truly wonderful experience for all involved. Together, we create memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. The excitement and magic generated by our end-of-year concert is second to none!

We have carefully prepared the following for you. Please read thoroughly and let us know if you have any questions.


Our 2019 Concert theme is ELEMENTS – Earth, Water, Air & Fire.


For first-time dance parents, we promise the preparation is worth it. We’ll be there every step of the way, so you know exactly what’s required (and when). Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions at any time!


Our move to the Maribyrnong studios has been followed by rapid expansion! In an effort to keep the concert a reasonable duration for all involved, we have decided to hold a separate Junior Concert for Prep to Grade 2 students this year.

We appreciate that a handful of families will have children in separate concerts as a result of this decision and we’ll be in contact with those affected to discuss in more detail.

On this page, you will find all the information you need for our Senior Concert (Grade 3 to Year 12). For information on our Junior Concert, please click HERE.


All students must complete a Concert Compliance Form, including those choosing to opting out. These are due to be returned to your teacher as soon as possible and no later than Saturday 27 July. Read this page thoroughly so you understand the level of commitment to participate in the concert then please return your completed form to the office. Click HERE for a copy of the form.


At the beautiful Moonee Ponds Clocktower Centre. We are very lucky to have an annual booking at this theatre – it is very special.


  • Senior School Photo Day: Saturday 16 November, Dance Habit (optional)
  • Senior School Studio Rehearsal: Sunday 17 November, Dance Habit (attendance encouraged)
  • Senior School Dress Rehearsal: Tuesday 19 November, Clocktower Centre, Moonee Ponds (compulsory)
  • Senior Concert: Sunday 24 November, Clocktower Centre, Moonee Ponds
    • To be eligible to participate, all students in Grade 3 and above must dance in both the 2.30pm and 6.00pm concerts. Please note that choosing to perform in only one concert is not an option.

We do two concerts for our Senior School because:

  • We want to ensure all parents have the opportunity to see their child perform (we may not have enough seats in just one show and we require parent help backstage, which is a role that can then be shared);
  • The children love being on stage and they work so hard in the lead up that it makes perfect sense to double the enjoyment;
  • All dancers learn choreography as a group, which means each student has a special place within their dance and they rely on one another during the performance.


There is a compulsory dress rehearsal at the Clocktower Centre for all students on Tuesday 19 November. 

It is important to note that some students may be required as early as 2.30pm (it is a school day). Students are required to attend the compulsory dress rehearsal. No dress rehearsal = no concert. Dress rehearsal is held at the Clocktower Centre in full hair and costume. Makeup is not required. A detailed schedule will be uploaded here closer to the date.

A studio rehearsal will also be held the weekend prior, on Sunday 17 November. We hold this day for the benefit of our dancers – their first opportunity to dance for an audience in a more casual setting, watch all the other performers, calm nerves and build excitement! While not compulsory, we encourage attendance and appreciate your efforts to be there. Your dancer will feel more prepared for concert day if they attend the studio rehearsal. A detailed schedule will be uploaded here closer to the date.

Professional photography will be offered to students for group and individual photos in costume on Saturday 16 November at the studio for those who would like to take part. Further details to follow closer to the date.


We require one to two parents per class to chaperone students whilst backstage at the concert. Backstage guardians do not need to purchase a ticket as they are able to watch the performance from the wings (side stage). It’s also pretty special to share the experience and excitement with your child behind the scenes. With two concerts for our senior school, you can watch one and assist at the other! The concert is simply not possible without volunteers, so please consider helping us backstage this year. You can nominate to be a backstage guardian on your Concert Compliance Form.


Participating in a concert does incur costs that are in addition to dance term fees. We like to be transparent about this from the get-go, so here is a summary for your convenience:

  • Costumes – we spend hours sourcing high-quality yet affordable costumes for students, which are yours to keep after the event. Costumes will be not exceed $70 each. Note that this does not include dance tights or shoes, which may be required depending on the class your child is in.
  • Tickets – prices reflect the cost to hire a professional theatre venue and we are currently finalising these details. For reference, tickets are $35 for adults, $30 for concession card holders and full time students and $15 for children. Backstage guardians do not require a ticket.
  • Videography – Our videographer (Mode Videography) requested we move to offering online/on-demand streaming and downloading of the concert via a password protected link because in recent years, there has been a higher than normal failure rate of the DVDS. Additionally, DVDs are being phased out worldwide and this shortage has consequently resulted in a significant price increase. With streaming/download now the only viable option, we have given much consideration to how we can manage this element of our concerts going forward. Part of our review included whether or not we would offer videography at all. We looked at DVD sales from previous years and noted that almost all families purchased a copy of the DVD, so we are clear that this is something the majority want included in their concert experience. As such, videography will be a flat rate of $20 per family across the Junior, Senior and Adult School in 2019, giving you access to all concerts.


Ticket sales are managed directly by the Clocktower Centre Box Office. You will be able to book online HERE or by phoning the Box Office on (03) 9243 9191. There are no limits per family and it will be first-in, first-served, which means we will take no responsibility should tickets sell out.

Special Ticket Notes:

  • Backstage guardians do not need a ticket to the concert they are assisting at.


As mentioned above, we are moving to digital downloads and streaming the concert. What this means is all families will be charged a $20 fee, which provides you access to both the Junior and Senior/Adult concerts via a password-protected link. You can stream or download as many times as you wish. Digital download is a better quality product at a cheaper price and will enable you to view the footage from your computer, phone or tablet without restriction. You will no longer be restricted to the location of your DVD player or run the risk of damaging the disc. Physical DVDs will still be available to purchase for those who want one in addition.


John Travers Photography will return to capture our concert photos again this year. Stage photos will be taken on concert day and a special Studio Photo Day will be held on Saturday 16 November for students who wish to take part. A detailed schedule will be uploaded here closer to the date.


The concert running order will be uploaded here once finalised.

Parents of students in multiple items should check the running order and note any quick changes with their child. Parents of younger children in multiple items should ensure they have discussed with us who will help their child get changed backstage if they are not intending to assist as a backstage guardian.


Costumes are purchased on your behalf and yours to keep after the event. There may be some items (e.g. tights) that need to be purchased by you (parents). More details will be uploaded here closer to the date.




All Middle School students and teachers get a week off classes after the concert (25 November to 1 December), however, we will hold a DVD showing night at the studio, which everyone is welcome to attend.


Please contact us by email if anything is unclear. Your feedback is welcome and your cooperation and patience is sincerely appreciated.

Happy concert season everyone – enjoy the magic!!