Middle School Dance Styles

Dance Fundamentals (Preps)

DFIntroduced in 2014, Dance Fundamentals is designed for boys and girls in prep who would like to dance but are unable to choose between the numerous styles on offer at Dance Habit. In this class, dancers are introduced to the fundamental elements of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Contemporary, while remaining with the same teacher throughout the year. Dance Fundamentals aims to give students an exciting and varied dance experience with teachers focusing on encouraging and further developing the individual interests of each and every dancer.


BalletConsidered one of the most influential forms of dance, Ballet is recognised across the world for its discipline and beauty. A fine art in itself, it also provides the strongest technique base from which to excel in other genres of dance. Our Ballet classes focus on posture, placement and artistic quality. It is recommended that students in Grade 4 and above also attend our Technique & Anatomy workshops to develop practical knowledge, flexibility and strength while ensuring a safe and progressive dance practice. Students working towards Pointe must enrol in two Ballet classes per week from Grade 5 (Bronze Star).


Tap dance is perfect for students who love to make a bit of noise! Tap shoes feature metal plates under the balls and heels of the dancer’s feet, which make rhythmic sounds when combined with rapid foot movements. Our classes draw inspiration from famous figures such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, but we also know that this form of dance is constantly evolving (think Tap Dogs and Stomp). So, we mix it up with both Broadway and Street style to give our Tap students the best of both worlds.


JazzJazz has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly after its exposure on So You Think You Can Dance. With African origins, jazz is about musicality, with technical, dynamic choreography executed to strong beats. Using popular, age-appropriate music, our Jazz classes are upbeat and full of fun. It is recommended that students in Level 4 and above also enrol in a Ballet class to strengthen their technique. Alternatively, our Technique & Anatomy class is a great compliment to Jazz and will develop practical knowledge, flexibility and strength while ensuring a safe and progressive dance practice.

Hip Hop

Hip HopMore recently established in the dance world than our other styles, Hip Hop has evolved from a broader culture that includes music (rapping and DJing) and street art. Through the use of current, age-appropriate hip hop music, our routine-based classes feature choreography loaded with energy and enthusiasm. Students are invited to bring their own style and interpretation to the movement and for this reason, no uniform is required for these classes. Hip Hop has secured its place as this generation’s chosen genre of dance – it is street dance at its best. 


dancehabit_0332Contemporary dance draws inspiration from a number of dance genres including Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Post-Modern. It is a bare foot class that allows the dancer to explore their own movement patterns, expression and mind-body connection. Our classes feature lots of floor work with use of gravity and breath. A great genre for the beginner dancer, Contemporary uses a wide range of movement to an ever-wider range of music.


Musical Theatre

dancehabit_2112Musical theatre is a type of performance that tells stories through the combined elements of drama, song and dance. These classes are in high demand as many wish to experience the joy of the theatre and learn how to bring the stage to life. Musical Theatre classes are a wonderful way for students to increase confidence, social awareness, performance ability and language skills while developing a rich knowledge of musicals, old and new. Not currently running – please express your interest.

Monkey Moves Dance Acro (Acrobatic Arts)

AcroNew to our timetable in 2015, these classes have been established to supplement other styles on offer at Dance Habit. Monkey Moves  uses mats to work on student strength and agility while teaching new acrobatic skills. These skills may eventually be drawn upon to enhance the dancers’ performance in other classes. Our approach to Acrobatics is safety first and it is important for parents to note that these classes are not intended to replace gymnastics. Only students enrolled in a minimum of one other dance style are eligible to enrol in these classes and numbers are limited. Feel confident with our Registered Acrobatique and Acrobatic Arts Instructors.

Technique and Anatomy

Technique & AnatomyPrioritising our students’ well-being has led us to consider other ways in which we can provide support. Our Technique and Anatomy class has been established to focus on strength, flexibility and correct alignment. Through repetitive movement practice, Pilates and informative discussions, students in this class gain a broader understanding about the mechanics of the body. We have seen immense improvement in participants of this class and would like to encourage more seniors to take up this opportunity. Currently running in workshop format.


Performance Group

Female dancerNew in 2018, this class is available to students who wish to increase their performance opportunities. These students represent Dance Habit at events and community festivals throughout the year. Please note that a costume fee may also apply to enrolments in this class. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a minimum of two other classes, including x1 Ballet and x1 Jazz (Pre-Senior) or three other classes, including x1 Ballet and x1 Jazz (Senior). Performance Group is for passionate students who desire to take their dancing to the next level.

Private Lessons

Private lessonsPrivate lessons are available on request for students of all ages. These are useful for students joining technical classes from an older age or enrolling mid-year. They are also great for students who desire some one-on-one tuition for an extra challenge! Private lesson fees vary depending on the teacher selected. Please enquire at the office or by email for more information.




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