Preschool Dance Styles

ToddlerMove with Me

Introducing Toddler Dance for boys and girls! Discover music and movement with your two-year-old in a fun and relaxed environment. Mums (and dads, too) are invited to join in to assist our youngest dancers – a great morning out for you and your little one to share!


First Steps

First Steps is offered to boys and girls age 3+.
These classes incorporate elements of creative dance, Ballet and Jazz while focusing on developing essential motor skills and movement patterns.


Fairies and Princes Ballet 

A program designed for boys and girls age 3+.
Introduced in 2015, this class is especially for those budding ballet dancers and ballerinas who are only interested in the Ballet style.



Hip Hop

Offered to boys and girls age 3+. This class is for those little groovers who just want to bust a move to funky beats.



Intro to Dance

For boys and girls age 4+. A similar approach to First Steps, however, these classes are run in a slightly more structured dance environment, inviting students to become more independent in the dance studio.



Preschool Acrobatics

For boys and girls aged 3-5. A dance acrobatics program based on safe and effective progressions in Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling using the Acrobatic Arts Program. Not designed to replace dance classes but rather a great add-on. Note that Acrobatic classes do not participate in performances / concerts.




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